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Product Catalogue

In the Product Catalogue you find our large standard range of Cable Entry Flanges, Cable Spreader Boxes and accessories. Customer-specific products are made on request. Please contact us for an offer.

Our standard range of Cable Entry Flanges and Cable Spreader Boxes produced by ELEKTRO-LINDEN follows the european standard SEN 28 09 01, described below by the drawings (Figure 1 and 2) and the table with measures (tabell 1).

EMI-shielding products (electro-magnetic induction shielding): A large part of our products are made in Aluminium alloy (ALU). All ALU products can be delivered in an EMI-shielding version including gasket. The demand for shielding off your electrical equipment to electro-magnetic induction (EMI) is increasing. Have a look in the Catalogue for a product that suits your application and contact us for a price for the EMI-shielding version of the product.


Figure 1                                                       Figure 2

FIGUR_1_sRGB_25             FIGUR_2_sRGB

Tabell 1